MULTIHEALTH is a company committed to providing customer safe disposable medical device and reliable personnel protective equipment, as well contributing our expertise and enthusiasm to enhance health of people.We pursue extreme, which, we believe, is the inevitable course for us to fulfill our mission.

WE PURSUE EXTREME QUALITY. Quality originates from scientific product design, thoughtful production organization and strict Quality Management System. To this end, we have built standard Class 8/9 cleanrooms in compliance with the requirements of ISO14644; designed, established and maintained a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO13485, cGMP of the United States and Chinese medical device GMP; established a high standard laboratory to improve and enrich the means of product quality control, and thus, continuously improve product quality and secure product safety and effectiveness.

WE PURSUE EXTREME SERVICE. With more than accumulated 100 years of experience in the disposable medical device industry, our Customer Service and Technical Service team stand by for providing you with specialized solutions and responding to your inquiries and requirements. We have been, and will always embrace all possible technologies with no hesitate to constantly broaden and optimize the communication channels with each customer, so as to make it more smooth and convenient, and to always be with our end-users.

WE PURSUE EXTREME BUSINESS ECOSYSTEM. Cherish every one of our employees, suppliers, customers, service providers…… All of these are indispensable elements of MULTIHEALTH Forest. With mutual understanding, tolerance, support, collaboration, all in one, to face the changing market, combat the storm and lightning, and cultivate a forest.



To be the first choice of our customer and partner

Quality Policy

Provide customer safe and reliable products, through our Efficient and Consistent processes, and persist in Continuous improvement


Integrity / Think / Utmost / Act / Persist

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